Highest quality Solar Geysers in {{mpg_city}} 2022


We provide the best installation and service on solar geysers in the Western Cape. ChillNet Solar do new solar geyser installations, solar geyser conversions, split solar systems in {{mpg_city}}.

Excellent savings

Installing a new solar geyser or converting your current geyser to solar in {{mpg_city}} will ensure that you save up to 70% of the energy used by your geyser. You are making a financial investment which provides an excellent return. The savings allows you to pay your solar geyser in a few years. 

Get the best solar deals at ChillNet Solar which offer outstanding solar geyser prices in Western Cape.  Using the sun to heat a solar geyser ensures that you seldom if ever need electricity to heat your water. It is always hot on demand. Save money and electrical demand in {{mpg_city}} today.

Hot water from the sun

You still have water even while there is load shedding or the supply is completely cut off. Solar geysers in {{mpg_city}} are typically installed on roofs because there is enough sunlight. With the increased possibility of a black out, a solar geyser or conversion to solar is absolutely necessary. We at ChillNet Solar have a wide range of solar products at competitive prices in Western Cape.

Our Solar products in {{mpg_city}} 

Solar geyser installations are all-inclusive at ChillNet Solar. We take care of all the requirements to convert your geyser to solar or install a new solar geyser.

Look at our geysers and other products below:

How does a solar geyser work?

Used in {{mpg_city}} and Western Cape. The two types of solar flat panel systems in the area of {{mpg_city}}, are the low graded solar flat panel collectors and high graded solar flat panel geysers.

ChillNet Solar provides High grade solar flat panel collectors. Simplistic technology is used in solar geyser flat plate collectors and it’s also easy to manufacture. ChillNet Solar is a leading solar geyser supplier and installer. All our solar flat plate collectors in {{mpg_city}} are SABS approved and as a result, comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Evacuated tube collector in {{mpg_city}}

The thermal tube collector has proven itself as one of the most efficient solar conversion technologies in the Western Cape and in {{mpg_city}}. 

Vacuum tube collectors are made up of a single or multiple rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes supported on a frame. Each individual tube varies in diameter from between 1″ (25mm) to 3″ (75mm) and between 5′ (1500mm) to 8′ (2400mm) in length. Each tube consists of a thick glass outer tube and a thinner glass inner tube, (called a “twin-glass tube”) or a “thermos-flask tube” which is covered with a special coating that absorbs solar energy but inhibits heat loss. The tubes are made of borosilicate or soda lime glass, which is strong, resistant to high temperatures and has a high transmittance for solar irradiation.

 Installation and Support 

We are a proud installer of solar geysers in {{mpg_city}}. Our professional team offers you dedicated Installation services and support for any problem that you may experience. We ensure that the installation is working perfectly. Our team is available should you require emergency support.

{{mpg_city}} solar geyser installation

Huge savings with our outstanding solar geyser prices in {{mpg_city}}. Choosing the solar geyser conversion in {{mpg_city}}, lets you keep your existing geyser which is used as a storage tank. You do not need to buy an extra tank, keeping the cost low. The most popular and also affordable solar product in the area of {{mpg_city}} is our solar geyser conversion. Save today with our variety of solar conversion products at excellent prices in Western Cape. 

Energy usage of electrical geysers vs Solar  geysers in {{mpg_city}}

Electrical geysers are the biggest culprit on your electricity account every month. Energy consumption to heat water in {{mpg_city}} is 40-60% of all household electrical appliances. Therefore, save 50-70% with solar hot water heaters on expenses. This decision is very easy to make. 

How much you save using an SA solar geyser in {{mpg_city}}.

Benefit from our affordable solar panel geyser prices in Western Cape, you’ll save on energy, therefore your expenses are lowered to heat water.  Consumption demand on energy by an electrical geyser is high. You can save between 30 to 50% on your electricity bill and always have hot water available on demand. 

How the solar hot water heaters work

  • Cold water pushes up the warm water through natural convection.
  • Heating of cold water in the geysers offered in {{mpg_city}} is done by a copper rod inside the vacuum tube of the storage tank.
  • Our solar geysers come with a t/p valve, drain cock and also an air release.
  • ChillNet Solar provides well equipped and professional solar geyser installers in the area of {{mpg_city}} and surrounding areas of Western Cape.
  • Contact one of our staff today for more information regarding our high-pressure solar geysers in {{mpg_city}}.

ChillNet Solar offers the following Solar solar geysers in {{mpg_city}}:

100-liter solar geyser

A perfect solution providing hot water, for instance, benefits a household with 1-2 adults living in {{mpg_city}}.

150-liter solar geyser

A perfect solution providing hot water, for instance, benefits a household with 2-3 adults living in {{mpg_city}}.

200-liter solar geyser

A perfect solution providing hot water, for instance, benefits a household with 3-4 adults living in {{mpg_city}}.

300-liter solar geyser

A perfect solution providing hot water, for instance, benefits a household with 5-6 adults living in {{mpg_city}}.

500-liter solar geyser

A perfect solution providing hot water, for instance, benefits a household with 8-10 adults living in {{mpg_city}}.

Excellent deals from ChillNet Solar! 

ChillNet Solar offers Solar Panel Geyser Conversions as a great alternative solar solution. Our deals in {{mpg_city}} are lower than most. We take pride in our ability to convert you to solar at the best possible price. 

How does it work?

Simply go to our website and order your solar geyser from ChillNet. You can also contact sales@chillnet.co.za and ask us to evaluate your installation and give you a formal quote. We will ask one or two questions about your current geyser or send a technician to assess your needs. Choose Chillnet Solar to install your Solar geyser in {{mpg_city}}.

Areas we do work in:

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