Volta Energy
Volta Energy

Specially designed with the South African market in mind, the Volta product range is like no other. Volta is a local renewable energy company founded by a family with years of solar experience. Through their industry know-how and expertise, coupled with support and backing from the biggest solar battery manufacturer in the world, Deye, Volta is proving to be an industry gamechanger.

With an understanding of the South African landscape and consumer needs, Volta’s promise is to offer quality batteries with an unparalleled BMS. As a company that aims to always go above and beyond, Volta is committed to revolutionising and shaping the future of renewable energy solutions in the country.

This is evidenced by the step-up warranty of 10 years that is offered when a Volta battery is installed with a Deye inverter. Not only does this offer customers absolute peace of mind, but it also makes it the first battery in the world to have a 10-year warranty. The Volta and Deye pairing is truly unmatched!

At Volta, our mission is to provide affordable energy solutions for the South African market. We understand that economic growth and the success of day-to-day activities largely depends on having a reliable and consistent energy source, which is where we come in.

With our years of industry experience and backing from the biggest battery manufacturer in the world, Deye we’re able to offer a step-up warranty of 10 years and a BMS that exceeds the current industry benchmark.

Our focus extends beyond the now; we’re committed to building a sustainable future for South Africa by being a trusted provider of alternative energy products.

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