REVOV is an energy storage solutions company that sells carry-case sized lithium-iron batteries. These are available as single units or in powerful systems of up to MWh sizes.
REVOV was founded in 2016 and has sold in excess of 20,000 batteries.

Our customers include wholesalers, installers and end users.
Backup power and renewable energy solutions

REVOV batteries can be charged directly from the electricity grid, to provide backup power to commercial, industrial or residential facilities.
Alternatively, they can be connected to renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines to provide continuous renewable energy
Energy storage solutions in South Africa and beyond

REVOV’s battery solutions directly address:
· the current insecurity of the electricity grid in South Africa
· variability in supply from renewable energy sources
· growing demand for energy storage in the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa
· the global call to reduce carbon emissions

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