REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

R35,270.50 incl Vat

The REVOV LiFe B100 is a 100Ah lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. It’s designed to be a plug-n-play part of an inverter-controlled energy storage system. This reduces installation time and cost – only the inverter needs to be preconfigured.

This 5.1kWh lithium iron battery meets the highest standards of safety, reliability and longevity. It also features anti-theft technology and a smart, integrated battery management system. It is common to install just one B100 battery to deal with blackouts and then to grow the system, adding more batteries to reduce grid power usage in a phased approach.



REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery


  • Ideal for telecom base station batteries – as more
    efficient and longer lasting than lead-acid
  • Lighter and more compact, with a modular design
    – an advantage for communication stations that
    need to install equipment in limited space.
  • Anti-theft Protection.
  • LCD display shows battery information such as
    state of charge configuration.
  • Warranted for daily cycling.
  • Communication with leading inverter brands
    through the use of an RCU extension.
  • Reduced Peak Usage charges from the grid.
  • Built in protection – Over-discharge / over-charge
    protection, temperature protection, short circuit
  • Plug-n-Play in an inverter controller ESS – The
    inverter is configured as the first line of safety
    with slightly stricter upper and lower bounds
    on controls, (like the over and under voltage
    and temperature thresholds) than those that are
    pre-configured in the BMS.


BMS Indicator Lights:

REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

  • Green Light – Normal Operation.
  • Red Light ON – Fault Detection.
  • Green Light Flashing – Charging.
  • Green and Red-Light Flash Over Discharge
  • Fault Detection ON fault detection the BMS
    stops charge and/or discharge.
  • Recovery when conditions return to normal
    BMS releases the protection made.

BMS Monitors and Manages:

REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

  • Charge and Discharge Current.
  • Over-Charge protection and recovery.
  • Under-Charge protection and recovery.
  • Cell Voltage Detection.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Cell Balancing.
  • Temperature protection and recovery.


REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

  • Designed Cycle Life 7000+ cycles
  • Nominal Voltage 51.2V
  • Nominal Capacity 100Ah
  • Energy 5.1kWh
  • Max Current 100A
  • Recommended Recharge 3 Hours at 40A
  • Boost / Absorption Voltage 55.5V
  • Float Voltage 54.5V
  • Warranted Discharge cut-off Voltage 48 – 49V
  • Standard / Charge 20A / 100A (Max)
  • Max Discharge Rate (peak) IC Max recommended daily continuous discharge current 60A
  • Size: Length x Width x Height 420mm x 482mm x 177mm
  • Weight 42kg


REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

  • Design Cycle Life 7,000
  • Operating Temperature
    Charge: Zaro / 45C
    Discharge: -20C / 60C
  • DoD –When used properly every day the B100 can be safely discharged to 100% of its rated 100Ah capacity. Battery life is shortened if it is discharged beyond 100Ah.



High energy density

  1. A LiFe battery lasts much longer between charges compared to what a lead acid battery can deliver. It also loses little to no charge when not in use.
  2. When used properly each day, a LiFe battery can be discharged to 80% or higher of its rated capacity before it should be recharged.
  3. In fact, the batteries we offer at REVOV can be safely discharged to 100% of their rated capacity, for example in backup situations.
  4. By comparison, lead-acid batteries generally have a maximum daily depth of discharge (DoD) ranging from 20 to 40%

Long lifespan

  1. A key advantage of REVOV’s lithium-ion batteries is their long lifespan. LiFe batteries are significantly longer-lasting than competing alternatives. This makes them more cost-effective.
  2. Even our 2ndLiFe batteries, which have served as electric vehicle batteries prior to being repurposed as stationary energy storage systems, come with a warranty for 10 years (or 3500 cycles at one cycle per day, whichever comes first).
  3. Depending on how it’s used, a new lithium-ion battery could last as long as 25 years.
  4. By comparison, the average life span of a lead acid battery is just two years.

Fast charging

  1. Lithium-ion batteries charge faster than comparable alternatives. This reduces downtime and boosts efficiency.
  2. On average, LiFe batteries charge four times faster than lead-acid batteries.

Zero maintenance

  1. Lithium batteries require no maintenance. This reduces their cost of ownership, as well as making them easier and safer to use.
  2. Lithium batteries can also be stored for longer than lead-acid batteries because of their low self-discharge rate (they lose very little power when idle).

Battery safety

  1. Lithium-ion batteries have no fuel to refill or dangerous acid to replace – and unlike generators, they don’t emit any fumes.
  2. REVOV batteries use only the highest quality cells and feature reliable, easy-to-use battery management systems.
  3. The technology they use (lithium iron phosphate) is the safest battery technology currently available.

Extreme temperature resilience

  1. Lithium iron phosphate batteries can withstand a wide range of temperatures.
  2. Our batteries – including the LiFe REVOV C8 and REVOV B100 and the 2ndLiFE REVOV R9 and REVOV R100 – can charge at temperatures from zero to 45° Celsius. They can discharge at temperatures from -20° to 60° Celsius.
  3. Because of their temperature resilience, these batteries are suitable for use in extreme weather conditions. They’re also safer than other lead batteries for applications that may exhaust battery capacity.

Compact and lightweight compared to lead acid batteries

  1. REVOV’s LiFe batteries are lighter and much smaller than other batteries that offer comparable performance. They provide greater energy density at half the mass, or less, of lead-acid batteries.
  2. This makes them easier to transport and house, and suitable for wall mounting.

What is a 1st LiFe Battery?

REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

  • REVOV LiFe batteries are designed with a cycle-life of over 7000 cycles
    making them ideal residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • This premium product delivers the highest quality, extreme temperature
    resilience, high energy density, low weight in a small form factor.
  • Revov LiFe batteries weight and size allows for wall mounting.
  • CATL- the world’s largest producer of Lithium-ion cells,
    supporting renewable storage projects across Europe, UK,
    Japan and has been a long time supplier to companies like
    BMW, Volkswagen and recently Volvo.
  • CATL provides the cells in Revov LiFe batteries bringing those same
    levels of quality, prestige and reliability to Southern Africa

Battery Management System Functions:

REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

  • Cell and battery voltage detection
  • Battery charge and discharge control
  • Cell, ambient and MOS temperature detection
  • Battery capacity and number of cycles
  • MOSFET charge and discharge
  • Equalization of single cells intelligently
  • RS485 communication interface
  • Watchdog protection for circuits to ensure safe operation
  • Data storage

Key Features Of Revov LiFe:

REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

  • LiFePO4 chemistry which is considered very safe even if fully charged
  • Reliability – battery designed to operate in almost any environment
  • Durability – life expectancy exceeding 10 years at 25°C
  • Light weight – each battery weighs only 37kg
  • Supports parallel connection
  • External BMS (24V and 48V)
  • No active cooling required


REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

  • Best cost per cycle in Southern Africa
  • Safest Lithium-ion chemistry
  • Excellent temperature resilience


REVOV B100 LiFe Lithium Iron Battery

  • Residential Backup and Solar
  • Business and Factory Backup
  • Reduce Grid Electricity Usage
  • Solar, Wind or Hybrid Storage
  • Reduce Peak Usage Charges
  • Data Centres
  • Telecoms Base Stations
  • Utility Peaking, Frequency Modulation
  • Utility Dispatchable Solar and Wind


REVOV is an energy storage solutions company that sells carry-case sized lithium-iron batteries. These are available as single units or in powerful systems of up to MWh sizes.

REVOV was founded in 2016 and has sold in excess of 20,000 batteries.

Our customers include wholesalers, installers and end users.

Backup power and renewable energy solutions

REVOV batteries can be charged directly from the electricity grid, to provide backup power to commercial, industrial or residential facilities.

Alternatively, they can be connected to renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines to provide continuous renewable energy

Energy storage solutions in South Africa and beyond

REVOV’s battery solutions directly address:

the current insecurity of the electricity grid in South Africa

variability in supply from renewable energy sources

growing demand for energy storage in the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa

the global call to reduce carbon emissions

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