Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

R3,740.95R4,480.40 incl Vat

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

High efficiency modules like the Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) supplied by LONGi have been applied widely across the globe from grassland on high lands, deserts, water ponds to households. The solar modules benefit customers and local economies with high value advantages of greater efficiency, lower light degradation and higher reliabilities.



Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) 455W Version

Mechanical Parameters

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) 455W

  • Layout: 144(6×24)
  • Junction box: IP68, split type, 3 diodes
  • Weight: 24.3kg
  • Size: 2094×1038×35mm
  • Packaging: 30 pcs./pallet 150 pcs./20GP 660 pcs./40HC

Longi LR5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

Electrical Performance Parameters (STC Test)

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) 455W

  • Module Type: LR4-72HPH-455M
  • Maximum power (Pmax/W): 455
  • Open-circuit voltage (Voc/V): 49.5
  • Short circuit current (Isc/A): 11.66
  • Peak power voltage (Vmp/V): 41.7
  • Peak power current (Imp/A): 10.92
STC: Standard test Conditions

Load Capacity

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) 455W

  • Maximum static load on the front (such as snow and wind): 5400Pa
  • Maximum static load on the back (such as wind): 2400Pa
  • Hail test: Diameter 25 mm, impact speed 23 m/s

Longi LR5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) 545W Version

Mechanical Parameters

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) 545W

Layout: 144(6×24)
Junction box: Split junction box, IP68, 3 diodes
Weight: 27.5kg
Size: 2278×1134×35mm
Packaging: 31 pcs./pallet 155 pcs./20GP 620 pcs./40 GP
Longi LR5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

Electrical Performance Parameters (STC Test)

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) 545W

  • Module Type: LR5-72HPH-545M
  • Maximum power (Pmax/W): 545
  • Open-circuit voltage (Voc/V): 49.65
  • Short circuit current (Isc/A): 13.92
  • Peak power voltage (Vmp/V): 41.80
  • Peak power current (Imp/A): 13.04
STC: Standard test Conditions

Load Capacity

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) 545W

  • Maximum static load on the front (such as snow and wind): 5400Pa
  • Maximum static load on the back (such as wind): 2400Pa
  • Hail test: Diameter 25 mm, impact speed 23 m/s

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

Technology Leadership

Reliable, top-quality, high performance innovation

Top Conversion Efficiencies

LONGi innovation is continuously raising the bar, setting conversion efficiency world records, and staying on the leading edge of P-type TOPCON, N-type TOPCON, N-type HJT, P-type HJT and other solar technologies.

LONGi R&D Centers

LONGi’s network of R&D centers focuses on solar wafer, cell, module and solutions technologies. Our strategic partnerships strengthen the cooperation among enterprises, universities and research institutes.

LONGi Lifecycle Quality

Customer value is at the core of LONGi’s philosophy, and our life-cycle quality approach can be found in every link of product production and application from component design to mass production and after-sales support, to ensure the highest quality, reliability and performance for our customers.

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

Smart Soldering

Uniform smart soldering increases the power and efficiency of the module, and improves the power load capacity.

Smart Module Packaging and Logistics

Smart module packaging solutions are used to achieve high reliability, low-cost transportation and logistics.

Gallium-doped Technology

Gallium-doped technology overcomes LID degradation and guarantees the long-term power generation of the module.

Optimized Electrical Parameters

The working current is about 13A, which is perfectly adapted to mainstream string inverters.

Half-Cell Modules

The power of half-cell Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) module increases, and the hot spot temperature reduces because of lower working current

Electrically Compatible

Operating current lower than 11A; Good for distributed generation applications; Matches with various inverters and optimizers; Avoids wiring loss.

Multi-busbar Design

Our nine-busbar design in the Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) further improves current collection capabilities.

Installation on Any Roof

Flexible installation, including pitched roof, flat and angular roof and flat roof with herringbone detail

Power Warranty

1st year degradation ≤2%, linear degradation ≤0.55%/year

What are Half Cell Modules?

Traditional full cell panels ( 60 cells) are made with 60 or 72 cells on the entire panel. A half-Cell like the Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) module doubles the number of cells into 120 or 144 cells per panel. The panel is the same size as a full cell panel but with double the cells. By doubling the number of cells this technology creates more avenues to catch energy from sunlight to send into the inverter.

Essentially, Half-Cell technology used in the Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) is the process of cutting cells into half, reducing resistance so efficiency can increase. Traditional full cell panels with 60 or 72 cells produce resistance which can lower the panel’s ability to produce more power. Whereas  Half-Cells with 120 or 144 cells have lower resistance which means more energy is being captured and produced. Half-Cell panels have smaller cells on each panel which reduces mechanical stresses on the panel. The smaller the cell the lesser chance of the panel micro cracking.
Moreover, Half-Cell technology provides higher power output ratings and are usually more reliable than traditional full cell panels.

Why use Half Cell technology?

Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells)

  • Half-cell technology is excellent in low light situations. This is due to the design the increased number of cells feeds more power to the inverter.
  • Half-cell technology is less susceptible to micro-cracking due to the smaller size of the solar cells.
  • Half-Cell technology is proven to perform well under high heat conditions.
  • Hot spots are very common in poorly manufactured solar PV panels and can severely reduce the lifespan of a solar PV panel. Half-Cell solar PV panels have less heat below the individual cells on the panel.

Half is More

When considering a solar installation, the idea of ‘more’ is at the forefront – produce more energy, save (or earn) more money and do more good for the environment, in the case of rooftops where there is a limited amount of space available, using Longi LR4/5-72HPH-455-545M (Blue Cells) solar panels with half-cut cell technology can help. Since half cell solar panels produce more power and are more efficient and reliable than their full-cell counterparts, their use can lead to time and money savings for the installer.


Founded in 2000, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi) is committed to being the most valuable solar technology company in the world. Under the mission of “To make the best of solar energy to build a green world” with a brand positioning of “The most trusted, reliable solar company that blazes the trail for green technology,”LONGi is developing solutions for large-scale power plants, for different industries and households with its innovation-focused development. Eventually, we will also supply “Green Power + Green Hydrogen” solutions for global zero-carbon development.

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455W, 545W

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Technical Specification

Longi LR4-72HPH-455M (Blue Cells)

Longi LR5-72HPH-545M (Blue Cells)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are LONGi’s module products and what applications are they suited for?

LONGi has two series of solar module products: Hi-MO 4, Hi-MO 5. and each series contains bifacial and monofacial module. Hi-MO 4 and 54-cell type Hi-MO 5m is  mainly used on industrial, commercial and residential roofs. Both bifacial and monofaical of Hi-MO 5 with 72-cell  is mainly for large ground-mount power plants.

Why does LONGi choose 182 mm wafer size in the design of Hi-MO 5?

LONGi analyzed various boundary conditions involved in module manufacturing and system applications, from production feasibility, module reliability, application compatibility to transportation and manual installation, and finally determined that 182 mm silicon wafers and modules were the best configuration for large-format modules. We believe that the size of a 182 mm module does not have major mechanical load and reliability consequences, Further size increasing of module will not bring value in manufacturing cost or system cost reduction, but increase reliability risks.During transportation, the 182 mm module can maximize the use of shipping containers and reduce transportation costs. We believe that the size of a 182 mm module does not have major mechanical load and reliability consequences, and any increase in module size may bring reliability risks.

What are the advantages of Hi-MO 4m in distributed generation power plants?

Hi-MO 4m has many advantages. Its 60-cell/66-cell/72-cell modules can be perfectly adapted to different roofs. Among them, the size and weight of the 60-cell module make it the most suitable for convenient installation by a one person, and is mainly installed on household roofs. The 66-cell/72-cell module can be installed on industrial and commercial roofs. The current of Hi-MO 4m module perfectly matches various brands of string inverter, power optimizers, and microinverters. Its standardized module width makes the module compatible with tiling, tilt and four-point installation methods.

How does LONGi guarantee module supply?

LONGi has the largest module production capacity in the industry, with more than 65 GW in its integrated capacity network fully guaranteeing the supply of modules. In addition, the production network facilitates the global distribution of modules with the help of land transportation, railway transportation and sea transportation.

How does LONGi ensure module product quality?

LONGi launched  Life-cycle Standards to guarantee the whole life-cycel quality.LONGi’s Integrated capacity layout can guarantee the traceability of each module, and our highly automated production lines feature end-to-end inspection and analysis processes to ensure that each module meets the highest quality standards. We select module materials according to the highest standards, with the requirement that all new materials be subject to extended qualification and reliability tests before being incorporated into our products. Third-party labs like RETC and PVEL have ranked our modules among the highest quality products on the market.