In 1897, the only 22 years old, Johann Baptist Müller of Eltville, known as Jean Müller, founded a company that dealt with the installation of electrical systems. The young company was extremely successful from the beginning, as there was a high demand for its products both in its home town and in the rest of the region due to the beginning of electrification. The demand for electricity was covered by the new electric power station.

JEAN MÜLLER is an internationally successful company. We specialise in the development, manufacture and sale of fuse
links, switchgears, cable distributor and equipment cabinets as well as switchgear combinations. We want to continue our
more than 100 years of traditional with sustainable and long-term competitive development, and have therefore set
standards for quality, environmental protection and the use of energy

Quality policy
Our ultimate aim is to satisfy our customers with our products and services. By doing so, we want to both consolidate our position on the market and expand it in the long term. We shall achieve this by meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers with quality-orientated services. This includes adherence to delivery dates, a well-functioning complaints management system, and comprehensive information and consulting services. The quality requirements for our products are largely determined by technical regulations. Our quality policy is based on the principle of “The name for safety”. We have introduced a quality management system to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Environmental policy
As a future-orientated family company, JEAN MÜLLER is fully aware of its social responsibility. This specifically also includes being responsible in the way we treat the environment. Our product development, production, sales and service are therefore based on the continuous optimisation of processes with the aim of optimising our environmental impact and our use of energy and resources, reusability and waste prevention. We have introduced an environmental management system to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Energy policy
In our energy policy, which is also understood as an aspect of our environmental policy, we commit ourselves to compliance with the relevant energy law requirements and to the continuous improvement of a reliable, resource-conserving and economical use of energy. To this end, we use an energy management system to DIN EN ISO 50001, which allows us to check our energy-related performance and to optimise its consumption.

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