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Battery Backup Power Solutions


CFE 12V 100ah Lithium Battery

R6,382.50 incl Vat

Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-3-4

R14,802.80R18,280.40 incl Vat

Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2

R9,097.65R13,119.20 incl Vat

EPEVER 50-100A MPPT Charge Controller

R3,952.72R6,839.76 incl Vat

EPEVER 10-40A MPPT Charge Controller

R1,519.32R2,393.07 incl Vat

CNBM Solar Panel Poly 80-330 Watt

R759.00R2,736.20 incl Vat

Sirair Inverter Pool Heat Pump 25-140KL

R17,823.85R57,498.85 incl Vat

AquaHeat Premier G/EVAP Heat Pump

R20,412.50R56,051.00 incl Vat

Dyness 2400Wh 48V Lithium-ion Battery

R15,698.08 incl Vat

How to connect batteries in series and parallel

The first thing you need to know is that there are two primary ways to successfully connect two or more batteries: The first is via a series and the second is called parallel.When you need more power you can increase the voltage (series); when you need longevity you increase your amperage (parallel), or both, find out more.

REVOV LiFe batteries are affordable energy storage systems

REVOV’s lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are ideal energy storage systems for residential, commercial and industrial use.Charge from the grid to ensure a reliable...