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REVOV LiFe batteries are affordable energy storage systems

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REVOV’s lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are ideal energy storage systems for residential, commercial and industrial use.

Charge from the grid to ensure a reliable supply of backup power during outages – or charge from a solar, wind or hybrid installation, for fully off-grid power.

REVOV warranty

All of REVOV’s lithium iron batteries (including our 2ndLiFe batteries) come with ten-year warranties. They offer the highest standards of performance, reliability and safety. They’re also compact, lightweight and easy to install.

REVOV. For a reliable supply of backup, primary or secondary power, whenever you need it.


Lithium-iron batteries have a 15 to 25-year usable service lifespan, depending on how they’re used.

A REVOV 2nd LiFE battery, or second-life EV battery, is a lithium-iron battery that has spent the first five to eight years of its lifespan powering an electric vehicle (EV). It then serves the greater part of its lifespan as part of a stationary energy storage solution.

This is their “second life”, powering homes and businesses everywhere.

Revov’s 2nd LiFE batteries are revolutionary because they make energy storage affordable, safe and reliable.