Kool Energy 1500W Portable Standby Kit

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Kool Energy 1500W Portable Standby Kit

Chill with your 1.5kW load shedding kit, providing backup for all your essentials.  No installation required, plug and play backup power. a Port is provided if you want to charge from a solar panel, else you simply plug it in.

Having backup power available 3 times a day is all you need. It only takes 90 min to recharge fully and you can keep it plugged in because it has it’s own protection. Complete system with Inverter, Charge controller, 2 x 100ah Batteries all neatly packaged and connected within its case. Real value for your money!


Kool Energy 1500W Portable Standby Kit



  1. Excellent performance because of double CPU intelligent control technology.
  2. A wide range of applicable loads because of pure sine wave AC output.
  3. The mains supply mode/energy-saving mode/battery mode can be set.
  4. Convenient and practical 5VDC-USB output port and 12VDC output port.
  5. Digital LCD and LEDs for visualization of operation status of the equipment.
  6. Overcharge protection and over discharge protection for a longer battery life.
  7. Safe and reliable with intelligent exhaust fan control.
  8. Overall automatic protection and alarms including AC output overload protection. short circuit protection. etc.

Can be charged with 1 or 2 solar panels or directly from AC.

  • The Kool Energy 1.5 kW Portable Kit has a charge and discharge protection device integrated and to fully charge the battery, it can take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes for a full recharge.
  • The Kool Energy 1,5 kW Portable Kit’s plug-and-play ability makes it the perfect companion during load shedding  and it will run your essential loads. This unit does not need to be installed  so you won’t have to spend on solar installations which makes it even more cost-effective.

Kool Energy 1kW Portable Standby Kit


Kool Energy 1500W Portable Standby Kit

  • Rated power(W): 1500W
  • Input voltage range: (VAC)160-275VAC
  • Input frequency Hz): 45Hz-65Hz
  • Output voltage(VAC): 110VAC/220VAC
  • Output frequency(Hz): 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output wave: Pure Sine Wave
  • Specification of built-in batteries: 2*100AH/12V
  • Communication: RS232

Solar input

Kool Energy 1500W Portable Standby Kit

  • Max. PV voltage(VDC): ≤25
  • Range of charging voltage(VDC): 10-25
  • Controller rated charge current(A) PWM: 30A
  • Voltage for overcharge protection(VDC): 14.2V
  • Voltage for overcharge  recovery(VDC): 14.0V
  • Solar input power range: 160W/180W two pcs in parallel

DC output

Kool Energy 1500W Portable Standby Kit

  • Voltage for high voltage protection(VDC): 16V
  • High voltage recovery voltage(VDC): 15.2V
  • High voltage  (VAC) output: 2 units: 220V
  • Low voltage  recovery voltage(VDC): 12.6V
  • Low voltage protection voltage(VDC): 11V
  • 5VDC USB output:  2units /MAX 2A
  • 12VDC output ports: 2units/MAX 2A
  • Heat dissipation/Cooling: Temperature control by intelligent exhaust fan
  • Operating ambient temperature:  -20 – 50°C
  • Storage ambient temperature: -25 – 55°C
  • Operating/Storage ambient: 0-90% No condensation
  • External size W*D*H(mm):  423×260×453
  • Package size W*D*H(mm):  520×370×520
You can connect it directly to solar panels and it also comes with a 1-year warranty.


• Built In Battery: 2 x 100AH 12V
• Rated Power: 1500W
• Output Voltage: 220VAC
• Output Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
• Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
• 2 x 3Pin SA Plug Output Sockets

• Rated Voltage: 220VAC
• Maximum Rated Charge Current: 10A

• Maximum PV Voltage: ≤150VDC
• Charge Voltage: 35VDC-150VDC
• Rated Charge Current: MPPT 30A
• Maximum Power: 800Wp

• 2 x 5VDC USB Output Ports (Max 2A)
• 1 x 12VDC Output (2 x Ports) (Max 2A)

Environment Limit

• Humidity: 0% to 90% (Non Condensing)
• Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C
• Storage Temperature: -25°C to 55°C

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