Etek DC 4P Isolator Rotary Switch 32A

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Etek DC 4P Isolator Rotary Switch 32A

EKD6-DB32 Series isolator Parallel wiring, larger aperture, much easier wiring. Suitable for distribution box module with lock installation. Arc extinction time less than 3ms. Comply with IEC60947-3(ed.3.2):2015, DC-PV1standard.


Etek DC 4P Isolator Rotary Switch 32A

General Data

  • DC Isolators have been specifically designed to switch Direct Current (DC) at Voltages up to 1000Volts.
  • Their robust design and ability to switch such voltages, at rated current, means that they are ideally
    suited to be used in the switching of Photovoltaic (PV) systems.
  • Parallel Wiring, larger aperture for much easier wiring.
  • Suitable for Distribution Box Module with lock installation.
  • Arc Extinction time less than 3ms.
  • Complies with IEC60947-3(ed.3.2):2015, DC-PV1 Standard.

Etek DC 4P Isolator Rotary Switch 32A

A DC isolator switch is an electrical safety device that manually disconnects itself from the modules in a solar PV system. In PV applications, DC isolator switches are used to manually disconnect the solar panels for maintenance, installation or repair purposes.
In most solar PV installations, two DC isolator switches are connected to a single string. Normally, one switch is placed close to the PV array and the other close to the DC end of the inverter. This is to ensure that disconnection can be achieved at ground and roof level. DC isolators can come in polarized or non-polarized configurations. For DC isolator switches that are polarized, they come in two, three and four pole configurations.

  1. Parallel wiring, larger aperture, much easier wiring.
  2.  Suitable for distribution box module with lock installation.
  3. Arc extinction time less than 3ms.
  4. Modular design. 2 poles & 4poles optional.
  5. Comply with IEC60947-3(ed.3.2):2015, DC-PV1standard.

Etek DC 4P Isolator Rotary Switch 32A

Technical Data

Main Parameters DB32
Rated insulation voltage 1500V
Rated thermal current 32A
Rated impulse withstand voltage 8000V
Rated short-circuit making capacity 2H 1700A
2,4 1000A
2H 1700A
Rated conditional short-circuit current 5000A
Max. fuse size 80A
Maximum cable cross sections (incl. jumper)
Solid or standard 4-16 mm2
Flexible 4-10 mm2
Flexible (+ multicore cable end) 4-10 mm2
Tightening torque terminal screws M4. Nm 1.2-1.8
Tightening torque knob screws M3. 0.5-0.7
Switching on or off torque 0.9-1.3
General parameters
Method of mounting Single Hole Mounting
Type of knob ekd6 db32 enclosure dc isolator 9
Knob positions OFF at 9 hr, ON at 12 hr
Mechanical life 1000
Number of DC poles 2 or 4
Operation temperature -40 to +70℃
Storage temperature -40 to +85℃
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category III
IP rating of shafted and mounting nut IP66


Installation Size

Etek DC 4P Isolator Rotary Switch 32A

Etek AC 2P Mini Circuit Breaker 16-63A


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