DC NH2 350-400A Blade Fuse 48VDC

R318.55R488.75 incl Vat

DC NH2 350-400A Blade Fuse 48VDC
  • NH fuses (also known as NH Knife Blade Fuses or DIN NH Blade Fuses) were defined in the German DIN standard 43620 around 1944.
  • They were primarily designed as general purpose fuses for the protection of conductors.
  • NH fuses are one-time fuses, meaning once they have blown, they must be replaced with a new fuse with the same characteristics.


DC NH2 350-400A Blade Fuse 48VDC


  • NH fuses are constructed from a rectangular ceramic casing enclosed by a cover plate that features a metal blade style terminal on each end.
  • The fuse element inside the casing is connected to the cover plate / blade terminals.
  • The majority of NH Fuses have a trip indicator to show if the fuse element has blown.
  • Each cover plate includes a metal extraction lug that enables quick removal of the fuse from a holder when using the recommended NH fuse puller tool.

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