DC Cylindrical Fuse Link 1000VDC 10x38mm

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DC Cylindrical Fuse Link 1000VDC 10x38mm

EKFL PV Solar Ceramic DC Fuse Links, 1-50A,1000VDC, 10x38mm for Solar System Protection Fast Blow Ceramic Fuse


DC Cylindrical Fuse Link 1000VDC 10x38mm

DC Cylindrical Fuse Link 1000VDC 10x38mm

1. What is a fuse?

A fuse is a replaceable circuit protection device that provides protection to both the equipment and the equipment operator in the event of a circuit overload. It is commonly connected with a circuit in series, and when fault current increases to a certain value, the fuse blows out to cut off the circuit so as to fulfill an aim of protecting other equipment in the circuit. The fuse is the most commonly used component in an overcurrent protection circuit. The traditional fuse mainly consists of two parts of a tube body, of which both ends have metal connecting terminals, and metal melts in the tube body. The majority of fuses are cylinder-shaped, namely cartridge construction.

2. Fuse’s function
  1. The fuse can bear overload in a certain range when current fluctuation occurs because of power supply or external interference;
  2. When bigger overload current appears in the circuit, the fuse should cut off the circuit in the set time so as to protect other electric parts in the circuit;
  3. When very big current appears because of short circuit, the fuse can safely cut off the circuit so as to avoid damage by overload current.

3.Photovoltaic (PV) Solar fuses are utilised to protect solar power gathering equipment against overcurrent, reverse currents and short circuits that can occur within alternative energy gathering PV string installations. Photovoltaic (PV) Solar fuses vary in a number of different ways including fuse speed, voltage and amperage rating, braking capacity and their physical size and shape.

Technical Data

DC Cylindrical Fuse Link 1000VDC 10x38mm

Size 10x38mm 10x85mm 14x85mm
Rated Voltage 1000VDC 1500VDC 1500VDC
Rated Current 1-32A 2-32A 8-50A
Class of Operation gPV gPV gPV
Breaking capacity 20KA 20KA 20KA
Standard: IEC60269


DC Cylindrical Fuse Link 1000VDC 10x38mm

DC Cylindrical Fuse Link 1000VDC 10x38mm

Etek AC 2P Mini Circuit Breaker 16-63A


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