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Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2

R9,097.65R13,119.20 incl Vat

ALL you need for Load shedding levels 1 and 2 is this Kit.

Leave the technical details to us, we will make sure it meets your requirements. Our Chillax Load Shedding Kits are specifically built to cover all the load shedding levels in South Africa. The kits are already assembled and requires no installation. Everyone can use the Chillax Load shedding kits without having any prior knowledge of backup or solar systems.
The Chillax LDSK-1-2 enables you to run your essential devices:
  • TV and DSTV with DVD player
  • Notepad Computers and printer.
  • WiFi Router for your Internet
  • Home theater system
  • Fridge and Freezer
  • Cellphone Chargers
  • Lights (Your light bulbs must be LED)
No installation is required. Simple and easy to power your essential devices for up to 6 hours, covering Level 2 (two load shedding periods). This Kit is Perfect for houses and flats. Can also be used for smaller homes and remote living to go fully off-grid when the solar panels add-on is taken. Renting a home? Take it with you when you move!

Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2 Includes a FREE GDLite GD-8017 solar lighting system worth R385!

ChillNet - R7,911.00 - LOADSHEDLEVEL 2

SKU: LDS-1-2-S

Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2

The LDSK-1-2 All-In-One Backup Unit is a compact portable system on wheels with a built-in computer to manage your electricity. Everything you need is already built into this compact solution. It is simple to use and easy to understand. Besides the 220V plugs at the back of the unit, it also provide USB ports and 12v ports on the front. It is an intelligent unit to which your essential devices can be connected permanently to provide transparent / automatic switch over.

CHARGE the batteries using Eskom power (plug it into the mains)    OR
SIMPLY ADD two SOLAR PANELS to charge the batteries.

Brackets and cables are included with the solar panel add-on. The connection at the back of the unit has 2 points where the wires from the solar panels are connected. It is so easy and simple, everyone can do it!

More information on the solar panels : https://www.chillnet.co.za/product/cnbm-solar-panel-poly-80-330-watt/

NO INSTALLATION IS REQUIRED. All the units are already pre-configured and built into the portable box. You do not need to connect an Inverter, charge Controller, batteries, etc. It is already done for you. The Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2  is a very easy simple solution which you can deploy on your own.

The system provides 1kW managed power which can easily be upgraded with another 2kW battery by simply connecting the battery cables to the point provided on the back of the unit.  The Solar ADD-ON consists of two 180w (total 360w) panels providing more than enough energy to charge the batteries. Only 2 hours are required to charge the batteries through Eskom or through the Solar panels.


Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2
  1. Excellent performance because of double CPU intelligent control technology.
  2. A wide range of applicable loads because of pure sine wave AC output.
  3. Three modes:  mains supply mode/energy-saving mode/battery mode can be set.
  4. Convenient and practical 5VDC-USB output port and 12VDC output port.
  5. Digital LCD and LEDs for visualization of operation status of the equipment.
  6. Overcharge protection and over discharge protection for a longer battery life.
  7. Safe and reliable with intelligent exhaust fan control.
  8. Overall automatic protection and alarms including AC output overload protection. short circuit protection. etc.

Solar Option: Charging with 2 x 180w solar panels

The Chillax LDSK-1-2 for Load Shedding L1 and L2 has a charge and discharge protection device integrated  to fully charge the battery, it takes up 2 hours for a full recharge.

The panels are simply plugged into the back of the system. Panel frames are provided for your convenience. 10m Cabling is provided. You can put the panels outside in the sun, on the lawn, in the courtyard, etc. You can also put them on the roof.

Electricity for cellphones, lights, TV, Computers, Internet, DSTV, etc.  during load shedding.
This unit cannot be used for your Stove, Washing machine, tumble dryer, toaster, kettle, geyser and dishwasher. If you want some or all of these appliances to work, please contact us for the correct LDSK or Grid-tied / Off-Grid Kit.

For the technical minded people:


Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2

  • Rated power(kW): 1kW
  • Input voltage range: (VAC)160-275VAC
  • Input frequency Hz): 45Hz-65Hz
  • Output voltage(VAC): 220VAC
  • Output voltage (DC): 5v / 12v
  • Output frequency(Hz): 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output wave: Pure Sine Wave
  • Specification of built-in battery: 100AH/12V
  • Communication: RS232

Solar input

Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2

  • Max. PV voltage(VDC): ≤25
  • Range of charging voltage(VDC): 10-25
  • Controller rated charge current(A) PWM: 30A
  • Voltage for overcharge protection(VDC): 14.2V
  • Voltage for overcharge  recovery(VDC): 14.0V
  • Solar input power range: 160W/180W two pcs in parallel

DC output

Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2

  • Voltage for high voltage protection(VDC): 16V
  • High voltage recovery voltage(VDC): 15.2V
  • High voltage  (VAC) output: 2 units: 220V
  • Low voltage  recovery voltage(VDC): 12.6V
  • Low voltage protection voltage(VDC): 11V
  • 5VDC USB output:  2units /MAX 2A
  • 12VDC output ports: 2units/MAX 2A
  • Heat dissipation/Cooling: Temperature control by intelligent exhaust fan
  • Operating ambient temperature:  -20 – +50°C
  • Storage ambient temperature: -25 – +55°C
  • Operating/Storage ambient: 0-90% No condensation
  • External size W*D*H(mm):  423×260×453
  • Package size W*D*H(mm):  520×370×520

Chillax Load Shedding Kit LDSK-1-2 Includes a FREE GDLite GD-8017 solar lighting system worth R385!

Handy light (1 x unit)
1 x AC wire
1 x solar panel
3 x LED lights
Multipoint USB charging cable


  • Broad Voltage Range 110-240,50/60hz.
    Using 9V/3-7w Solar Panel (Max input Less Than 7w).
    Charging Time 10-12h.
    DC 6V Output (Can charge up to 4 bulbs at a time).
    Easy to use.
    USB Output function to charge your mobile phone in case of emergency.
    3 Bulbs included.
    Multi-charger provided.
  • Light source and working time (after fully charged)

1 LED Bulb (Approx. 30 hours) - 120LM
2 LED Bulb (Approx. 15 hours) - 120LM*2
3 LED Bulb (Approx. 12 hours) - 120LM*3
1W LED (Approx. 13 hours)
6PCS 5050 SMD LED (Approx. 19 hours)
16PCS 2835 SMD LED (Approx. 9 hours)
USB output (Approx. 3-4 hours)

15-30h of light, indoor or outdoor use.

More information on the GDLink kit: https://www.chillnet.co.za/product/gdlite-gd-8017-solar-lighting-system/

-------------------------------------------- QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS --------------------------------------------------

Question: Do I need an installer or electrician to install the system?

Answer:  No, it does not need installation.  You can deploy it yourself in your home to connect all your essential devices.


Question: Can I add more batteries to increase the time it will provide electricity.

Answer: Yes, you can add another 1 kW or 2kW battery to double or triple the backup time. Adding another 1 kW battery will provide 12 hours of backup without charging in between. Adding a 2kW battery will extend the backup to 24 hours before it needs to be recharged.


Question: I want to use more appliances during load shedding, e.g the kettle and toaster. Can this unit be upgraded to make provision for big appliances?

Answer: No, this unit can only handle small appliances during load shedding. If you want to make provision for big appliances, even a dishwasher and tumble dryer, please look at our LDSK5 or ChillMax GT-101, CHillMax GT-202.


If you want a custom built module, please email us:     solar@chillnet.co.za

Additional information

Weight53 kg
Dimensions52 × 37 × 52 cm
Power Source

Eskom / Mains, Solar Panels

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